N70 Hardware Repair collection by Rashed, sayma mobile  

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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All nokia BB5 flash files complete collection  

Nokia 3109c RM-274

Nokia 5220 RM-411

Nokia 3110c RM-237

Nokia 3120c RM-364

Nokia 3120c RM-365

Nokia 3250 RM-38

Nokia 3500C RM-272

Nokia 3555c RM-277

Nokia 3555b RM-257

Nokia 3600s RM-352

Nokia 3610 Fold RM-429

Nokia 5200 RM-174

Nokia 6086 RM-188

Nokia 5000 RM-362

Nokia 5200b RM-181

Nokia 5300 RM-146

Nokia 5310 RM-303

Nokia 5320 RM-409

Nokia 5310b RM-304

Nokia 5500 RM-86

Nokia 5610D RM-242

Nokia 5700 RM-230

Nokia 6220c RM-328

Nokia 5800 RM-356

Nokia 6085 RM-198

Nokia 6110N RM-122

Nokia 6121 RM-308

Nokia 6120c RM-243

Nokia 6125 RM-178

Nokia 6124c RM-422

Nokia 6126 RM-126

Nokia 6131 RM-115

Nokia 6131NFC RM-216

Nokia 6136 RM-199

Nokia 6151 RM-200

Nokia 6212c RM-396

Nokia 6233 RM-145

Nokia E-66 RM-343

Nokia E90 RA-6

Nokia 6210N RM-367

Nokia 6210s RM-386

Nokia 6234 RM-123

Nokia 6270 RM-56

Nokia 6280,6288 RM-78

Nokia 6290 RM-176

Nokia 6300 RM-217

Nokia 6300b RM-222

Nokia 6300i RM-337

Nokia 6301 RM-322

Nokia 6301b RM-323

Nokia 6500C RM-265

Nokia 6500s RM-278

Nokia 6555 RM-271

Nokia 6600 Fold RM-325

Nokia 6600 Slide RM-414

Nokia 6630 RM-1

Nokia 6650 RM-400

Nokia 6680 RM-36

Nokia 6681 RM-57

Nokia 6682 RM-58

Nokia 7210s RM-436

Nokia 7100 RM-438

Nokia 7370 RM-70

Nokia 7310c RM-379

Nokia 7373 RM-209

Nokia 7500 Prism RM-249

Nokia 7500b RM-250

Nokia 7610s RM-354

Nokia 7510s RM-398

Nokia 7900 RM-264

Nokia 8600d RM-164

Nokia E-50_1 RM-170

Nokia E-50_2 RM-171

Nokia E-51 RM-244

Nokia E-60 RM-49

Nokia E-61 RM-89

Nokia E-61i RM-227

Nokia E-62 RM-88

Nokia E-63 RM-437

Nokia E-65 RM-208

Nokia E-66b RM-345

Nokia E-70 RM-10

Nokia E-71 RM-346

Nokia E-71b RM-347

Nokia N70 RM-84

Nokia N70 RM-99

Nokia N71 RM-67

Nokia N71 RM-112

Nokia N72 RM-180

Nokia N73 RM-133

Nokia N73 ME RM-133

Nokia N73-IE RM-132

Nokia N76 RM-135

Nokia N77 RM-194

Nokia N78 RM-235

Nokia N78 RM-342

Nokia N79 RM-348

Nokia N80 RM-92

Nokia N81-1 RM-179

Nokia N81-3 RM-223

Nokia N82-1 RM-313

Nokia N82 RM-314

Nokia N90 RM-42

Nokia N85 RM-333

Nokia N91 RM-43

Nokia N91 RM-158

Nokia N92 RM-100

Nokia N93 RM-55

Nokia N93i RM-156

Nokia N93i RM-157

Nokia N95 RM-159

Nokia N95 RM-160

Nokia N95 RM-320

Nokia N95 RM-421

Nokia N96 RM-247

Nokia N96 RM-472

Nokia 6220c RM-328

Nokia 6267 RM-210

Nokia 7390 RM-140

Nokia E-51-2 RM-426

Nokia 3120c RM-366

Nokia 8800 Arte RM-233

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Sony Hard Library v2.0  

Click here to download this file

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Very Hot Sony Ericsson Hardware fix up Tool  

Firstly I thanks to all brothers who maked the Sony Ericsson hardware pictures
Features of this program: ------------------------ 1. In Computer, the collection of All Sony Ericsson hardware tips pictures ( Jpeg, Bmp, Gif ) is stored in scattered folders, We can store these pictures in this program itself and use it easily for other purposes. 2. Drag and drop or copy and past to Sony Ericsson folder where you installed this program For eg: D:\Program Files\aaptek SE\az SE hw tool\Sony Ericsson. 3. We can also use mouse to zoom in and zoom out and identify more descriptions about these pictures by using scroll keys

Click here to download this file
Password: www.aaptekgsm.com

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Nokia 100% Local Mode solution for BB5  

Good News for friends who have problam with BB5 phones Local Mode and Test Mode.

Here is prefect solution of entring test mode or local mode, you must have phones usb cabale and usb charger like this

now conect your phone with fbus cabal and conect with box RJ45 and also conect usb cabale and conect with this charger and its done. now
your phone is in Local mode enjoy.

if you dont have that kind of charger then no problam if you have 2 PCs
then conect your phone with fbus 5 Pin or 7 Pin cabale and also conect usb to an other PCs USB port and its also done.

if you want only remove user code and phone is not responding and not
going to local mode then you want only a 5K risistence conect with phone
two points whit out + point like this

and insert battry n power on the phone your phone will on in local mode
then conect usb cabale and do your work remove password or user area format as you want this solution is only for removing password or formatint user area etc.

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Nokia CDMA Flash Files  

Nokia 2112 Flash File

2112 Non-ruim
Link - http://rapidshare.com/files/130809860/RH-5...n_Ruim.rar.html

2112 Ruim
Link - http://rapidshare.com/files/130810545/rh-57_Ruim.rar.html

2280 Non-ruim

2280 Ruim

3105 NON-RUIM Attached

3105 RUIM Attached

3155 Non-ruim

3155 Ruim

3205 Non-ruim

3205 Ruim

6225 Non-ruim

6225 Ruim

3585 Non-ruim

RM-154 Ruim

RM-154 Non-Ruim



6275 flash file

RM-154 Ruim

RM-154 Non-Ruim

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Nokia Charger not supported  

3110c Charger not supported

3250 Charger not supported

3500 Charger not supported

5200 Charger not supported

5300 Charger not supported

5500 Charger not supported

6085 Charger not supported

6120 Charger not supported

6125 Charger not supported

6126 Charger not supported

6131 Charger not supported

6133 Charger not supported

6136 Charger not supported

6151 Charger not supported

6233 Charger not supported

6234 Charger not supported

6270 Charger not supported

6280 Charger not supported

6290 Charger not supported

6300 Charger not supported

6500c Charger not supported

6630 Charger not supported

6680 Charger not supported

7370 Charger not supported

7373 Charger not supported

7390 Charger not supported

8600 Charger not supported

8800 Charger not supported

E51 Charger not supported

E60 Charger not supported

E65 Charger not supported

E70 Charger not supported

N70 Charger not supported

N72 Charger not supported

N71 Charger not supported

N73 Charger not supported

N77 Charger not supported

N80 Charger not supported

N82 Charger not supported

N90 Charger not supported

N91 Charger not supported

N92 Charger not supported

N93 Charger not supported

N95 Charger not supported

N95 8GB Charger not supported

Click here to download this file

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Nokia Antena switch jumpers  

2100 Antena switch jumper
3100 Antena switch jumper
6100 Antena switch jumper
3200 Antena switch jumper
3220 Antena switch jumper
6020 Antena switch jumper
3230 Antena switch jumper
3310 Antena switch jumper
3510 Antena switch jumper
3650 Antena switch jumper
3660 Antena switch jumper
6070 Antena switch jumper
6101 Antena switch jumper
6210 Antena switch jumper
6310 Antena switch jumper
7250 Antena switch jumper
7250i Antena switch jumper
7260 Antena switch jumper
7360 Antena switch jumper
7610 Antena switch jumper
6670 Antena switch jumper
8310 Antena switch jumper
6510 Antena switch jumper
9210 Antena switch jumper
9210i Antena switch jumper
E60 Antena switch jumper
N72 Antena switch jumper
N-gage Antena switch jumper
6600 Antena switch jumper
6230 Antena switch jumper
6260 Antena switch jumper
6630 Antena switch jumper

Click here to download this file

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Nokia Localmode Problem Solutions  

1100 local mode repair
6060 local mode repair
6170 local mode repair
8310 local mode repair
3510 local mode repair
6070 local mode repair
6230 local mode repair
1110 local mode repair
1600 local mode repair
3100 local mode repair
6100 local mode repair
6030 local mode repair
6101 local mode repair
6610 local mode repair
7210 local mode repair
1200 local mode repair
1208 local mode repair
3220 local mode repair
2300 local mode repair
2600 local mode repair

click here to download

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